Earthmovies Productions

Earthmovies produces also own films. Again we focus on environment issues and related subjects such as indigenous people, animals and human rights. The productions can be feature length documentaries, event films, shorts and interviews.

You can watch our films here or on vimeo.

Windfall Island

Windfall Island - Trailer from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

"A superbly balanced piece which laid bare what seems to be irreconcilable and polar positions, tearing friends and families apart and gnawing at the heart of a rural community." 
Alan Esslemont, BBC Alba 

Windfall Island is an award-winning documentary about a controversial windfarm to be built on Shetland. While it is supposed to be the most productive windfarm in the world, some local residents fight fiercely against the project. 

Shetland is the windiest place in the UK and therefore a real asset for the Scottish Government to reach its ambitious climate change targets. But as the issue has largely divided the local community, the opposition group Sustainable Shetland challenged the project with a judicial review.

Is the project really environmentally sound and what are the impacts on the local community?

The film is now available on DVD! Click here for more details.

The Short Life of Organic Turkeys

Xmas Special - The Short Life of Organic Turkeys from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

In Great Britain about 10 million of turkeys are killed for Christmas. This film shows breeding and slaughter of free range turkeys in one of organic farms in Britain.

Comparing to traditional and factory farming, organic way of breeding animals seems to be a healthier and more ethical solution.

But even in strict organic conditions these sensitive and majestic birds suffer from unnatural conditions, decrease of living space -what leads to diseases, stress and aggressive behaviour. And after all, they have a short life on a farm, are raised only to be killed and later their meat is sold.

If you think that an organic option is more humane, have a look at turkey slaughter in this video. In all cases slaughter always involves suffering, pain and fear.

This year's Christmas can be truly compassionate. Surprise yourself and your family with an amazing choice of vegan food and give turkey the gift of life.

Messages from Zion Train - Interview with Neil Perch

Messages from Zion Train - Interview with Neil Perch from Earthmovies on Vimeo.
Neil Perch did not only found the popular dub group Zion Train, but is also vegetarian with strong views about environmental issues.

With their unique dub and dance style Zion Train is giving first class musical performances. But the group wants more than that, they want to spread the message of positivity and respect to all beings and the environment.

Get a deeper insight into topics which are usually ignored or marginalised in other Zion Train interviews.
This film also includes Zion Train live on stage in Glasgow.

Interview was conducted in November 2010 by Earthmovies.

Non Violent Direct Action - Between Ideology 
and Law

Non Violent Direct Action - Between Ideology and Law from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

Our latest project is a short film which explains Non Violent Direct Action. looking at the history and the forms this type of protest can take.

It gives a closer insight about the consequences for activists, police reactions and the legal system.

The underlying question is how far peaceful protest can go. Are people who want to save the world being criminalised in this country?

Fighting for Climate Justice - Interviews with Plane Stupid

Fighting for Climate Justice - Interviews with Plane Stupid from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

There are many theories about climate change, and theories about its theories. There is even a war between some theories. However Matilda Gifford and Dan Glass are part of Plane Stupid, and they are more interested in practical aspects.

They are challenging the aviation industry, what they consider a threat to natural environment, local communities and the future of next generations. Non violent direct action is their tool to fight for climate justice.

Here is the background to their story. Interviews in more depth, touching interesting points about their motivation, direct action, the infiltration story and much more.

Interviews recorded 2010 in Glasgow.

The Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

Old Native Indian prophecies say that Rainbow Warriors will appear on the planet, when the environment is being destroyed.

This was inspiring Greenpeace for many years and their biggest sailing ship has been named "Rainbow Warrior".

In November 2009 the ship visited Edinburgh on the way to the Copenhagen climate summit. The tour was dedicated to climate change and what we can do to bring back the Rainbow Warrior spirit into our own lifes.

G20 - What's that?

G20 - What's that? from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

The G20 make decisions which have worldwide effects on the economy, environment and social life.

This short film gives information about the G20 in general with refernce to the most recent meeting in St.Andrews, in Scotland.

Make up your own mind about it. Definitely it is one of the most influential meetings in the world which affects all of us.

Aya's Vision

Aya's Vision from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

Aya in Quechua, language of indigenous people of the Americas, means spirit, ancestor or dead person.

Aya, the spirit of the Amazon Forest, comes from the spirit world to see what modern people are doing to this unique place on Earth.

Aya sees illegal logging done for profit, destroying the communities of plants, animals and people which live with and amongst the trees, destroying the beautiful trees themselves. She sees the burning of forest lands and the deaths of countless beings it causes.

The land is used for growing soya, which becomes food for farm animals across the world, which are raised for meat and leather. Wood from the Amazon’s trees is sold in shops all over the world...

Aya sees people across the planet Earth learning of this injustice, demonstrating, taking direct action. Time is running out.

Her gaze falls on Europe: She sees people in the European Parliament working to ban illegal wood from the Amazon Forest. It is a step forward to save the forest, to save Aya’s heart.

But still the forest’s animals and plants lack protection, and its indigenous people with their incomparable culture, beliefs and wisdom are under threat.

Aya is angry, still there is no real change. She returns with great sadness to the world of the spirits...


Info, report and the victory of Greenpeace campaign 'Slaughtering the Amazon'

Info and report


Compassionate Living Fayre

Compassionate Living Fayre from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

This is a film about the Compassionate Living Fayre 2009 held in Edinburgh in July 2009.

Organized by the Edinburgh-based group Bunnyhuggers, it brought together different campaigning groups and traders from all over Scotland.

This regular event shows that living in balance with nature and animals is not only possible, but also a very pleasant and satisfying way of life.

A vegan diet, for example, is the most environment friendly way to eat and offers proven health benefits, since it is generally high in protein and fibre but low in saturated fats.

Interview with Keith Mann

Interview with Keith Mann from Earthmovies on Vimeo.

Interview recorded in London in June 2009.

The ALF - Animal Liberation Front - is a movement of people aiming to liberate animals. Its activists are often called 'extremists' or 'terrorists' although no harm to any living being has ever been caused by them.

Here, former ALF activist Keith Mann talks openly about how a higher moral law led him to take action against laws defending useless cruelty, animal abuse and human ignorance - all of which very often are done in the name of progress, science, fashion, entertainment and diet.

Using animals is an integral part of the system we live in - but does it mean that it is right ?... and that we can't change it?

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