About Us


Earthmovies is a member of the
British Federation of Film Societies
Earthmovies - International Network for Environment and Media e.V. is a registered charity which was found in 2008 in Germany. We are a non-profit organisation, any donated money are used within the charity to work towards our aims.

Our aims

The main aim of the organisation is to raise awareness about nature. It is a vast topic in which we focus on environmental issues, indigenous people and cultures, wildlife and animal rights as well as human rights issues.

We try to achieve this by educating people through the medium of film. In our believe film is a powerful educational tool which can reach a vast number of people. Our aim is to show and produce documentaries to increase knowledge and consciousness of as many people as possible. We hope this will eventually connect human beings more to nature, and support a balanced, sustainable and peaceful co-existence.

How we want to achieve this

Our website
Earthmovies offers a collection of films online, accessible to everybody. We tend to chose films which can be watched for free and in their entirety online.

Free Film Screenings
Currently all screenings have been organised and planned in Glasgow in Scotland. All screenings are free of charge, we only ask for voluntary donations. We aim to reach a wide and various audience and make sure films are accessible to everybody, no matter the financial circumstances. Have a look at previous and upcoming events here.

Chasing Ice film screening in Glasgow
Earthmovies productions
We also produce documentary films ourselves.The films can be shorts, documentaries or interviews. If there is a financial gain of a production, it will be re-invested in the charity and used to achieve its aims. Read more about Earthmovies productions here.