Film tip 'Earthrise'

Earthrise is a series of short documentaries by Al Jazeera which explores positive solutions to the environmental challenges of today.

While most other environmental films would highlight what goes wrong in the world, these films attempt the opposite by looking at innovative ecological, technical, social or design solutions which help to save the environment. From revolutionary recycling products, farming without pesticides or collecting waste oil, Earthrise looks at the positive achievements which are often overlooked. Many examples not only benefit nature but also also the local population.

Here you can watch one of the short films which looks at the issue of mountain top removal where hilltops are blown up with dynamite in order to extract oil. What is left is a wasteland. But a project in the US shows how these barren areas can be re-transformed into greening forests.

For plenty more positive examples of green initiatives and developments visit the Earthrise website.


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