Film tip 'Gasland'

Hydraulic fracturing more commonly known as 'fracking' is the process of extracting natural gas from the ground. Deep drilling combined with chemical fluids is used for a process which is widespread over the US and praised as the new energy solution.

But fracking comes at high environmental costs. Drinking water is contaminated to an extend that even the tab water catches fire. Despite the devastating environmental impact the industry enjoys legislative loopholes which allows them to ignore environmental legislations.

Josh Fox, a filmmaker who has been offered a large sum of money himself to lease his land for fracking purposes, investigates the issue and gathers the voices which have been unheard for too long. The film won several awards such as the 2010 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize.

Watch the trailer here.


Here you can watch the whole film.

Have a look at the official Gasland website here.

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