Film tip 'What in the World Are They Spraying?'

Some important subjects are simply ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream media, labeled as conspiracy theories. However some of them well deserve to be looked at and to be investigated. And geo-engineering is one of them.

Many names and explanations have been given to the white stripes which are left by jets lingering on the sky from simply jet engine exhausts to chemtrails and cloudseeding. So far it has not been clarified whether we are just witnessesing harmless engine exhausts or indeed geo-engineering experiments without public consent like un-official sources claim.

An official report by the UK House of Commons in 2010 acknowledged the use of geo-engineering and cloud seeding to prevent climate change in the UK. However, official statements are rare and the general public is left in the dark.

This documentary tries to shed some more light on this important issue which should not be excluded from public debate. Watch the full film in parts here...

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