Film tip 'Garbage Warrior'

Nothing is wasted! At least not for architect Michael Reynolds who set himself the mission to build incredible homes by using waste products.

Since 30 years Reynolds is experimenting in the New Mexican desert with eco-firendly house building. With great success, which could mean an overdue revolution of the way we think and built. With an simple and cost effective approach self-sustained houses can be made which heat themself, provide own water and grow own food and overall are unique and beautiful.

Is this the way to save us from ecologocical disaster? It might well be part of it. However, not everybody agrees with Reynold's vision.

Find out more and watch this truly inspiring film here.

Visit the official Garbage Warrior website here.


  1. The government and environmental services should join force to completely implement a 'greener' Earth. The Green advocacy lacks support from the government and huge corporations.

  2. Good point. The future is green and only sustainable energy policies can ensure a future for us. Unfortunately mayor industries are lobbying politicians to stick to options which are destroying the environment. See for example 'Who killed the electric car?'. However, protecting the environment is often very economic, like saving energy or recycling, and it can create a lot of new jobs such as in the renewable energy sector. But we as consumers have a real power too, by deciding what products we buy we can support environmental friendly solutions.