Film tip 'Waste = Food'

The amount of waste we produce as human beings is staggering. In the UK alone We throw away 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink every year. But food is not the only issue, almost everything we produce contributes to landfills or is being burned in incinerators.

However some people try to come up with creative solutions to turn waste into bio-degradeable products. Inspired by nature where every waste product is useful, waste becomes food.

German chemist Michael Braungart and American designer-architect William McDonough invented waste solutions which could transform even industry giants like Ford and Nike. This is an inspiring story of how to turn rubbish into a valuable resource.

Watch the whole film here.

Waste = Food from Global Change 2012 on Vimeo.

You can find out more about how to reduce your own waste on


  1. This is a wake up call everyone. We have to learn how to recycle and invest on environmental services that would help us convert garbage into usable items. Global warming is real. It is not a myth. It is coming and fast.

  2. Indeed. And it is up to us to generate change, politically and on personal level. Thanks for your comment.