Film tip ' Sustainability Lie'

As oil prices are soaring biofuels are praised as the new environmentally friendly option. But what's behind the green image?

Indonesia is the world's hot spot for palm oil production which is then used to make biofuel. Every day rainforest is burned down or clear cut to make place for massive palm oil plantages. Also many indigenous people are forced to leave their ancient homelands. As a result Indonesia has the highest deforastation rate worldwide.

But despite the devastating impact on the environment, palm oil production is officially labeled as being 'sustainable'.

Inge Altmeier, the director of the German film company 'Global Film', produced a 12 minute documentary exploring the reality of palm oil production in precious terrains of Indonesia.

We also recommend to have a look at the website of the German organisation Rainforest Rescue. Their online petitions are an easy and effective way to take action for the world's forests.

'Sustainability Lie' the movie


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