Film tips 'New We' and 'Ecovillage Pioneers - A DVD of self builders'

Looking at the devastative actions of our own specie many of us tend to see the future in dark colours.

But even in times of uncertainties, questions, challenges and doubts for future, very positive projects are appearing and manage to work very well nowadays.

This time, quite unusually, we would like to present to you two films.

'New We' is a creation of Austrian film maker Stefan Wolf. It is a fruit of his travel to eight countries where he visited and filmed eco-communities.

We have a chance to take a look at ten differently organised groups, all led by the same aim - to live sustainable, in balance and harmony with the natural world.

Often people who are living in these circumstances are connected with philosophy and spirituality, but still the main link is a sustainable lifestyle and an effort taken to cause no harm to the natural environment.

Here you can find more information about the film and purchase the DVD.

The trailer of 'New We'

The second film, 'EcoVillage Pioneers - a DVD of self builders'
, gives a lot of information about ecological building. From practical presentations, with examples of communities in UK, to reviews from workshops where everybody can learn the skill.

All information and a chance to buy DVD are here

The trailer of 'EcoVillage Pioneers - a DVD of self builders'

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