Film tip 'One of Many'

The 'First Nations', the land of the native Americans was taken away from them and with it their cultural identity. Also in modern times there are systematic attempts to assimilate native Americans. Just forty years ago, governmental initiatives were implemented to take Indian childeren away from their community and put them in white schools.

Sally Tisiga is one of them. As a member of the Wolf Clan of the Kaska Nation, she was taken away from their parents care into an entirely different world.

"One of many" is Sally's quest to find her roots, travelling through the magnificent lanscapes of Western Canada. It is a story of a woman who tries to find herself, but it is also the story of whole generation's experience of being stripped away of from its identity and culture.

It is a painful journey into the past, but it is also full of hope. This documentary brings light into the struggle of todays' native Americans.

Watch the trailer here. The whole film is not for free available online.

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