Film tip 'Latcho Drom'

This time we would like to introduce to you a documentary about one of the biggest nomadic group of our times - the Romany people, also known as Gypsies.

There are many stories about them, but still many know little about their astonishing culture.

The film is a journey through their rich culture, cycles of their lives, specific features of different groups living in various countries. The film is a beautiful review of their travel from India to Spain.

Tony Gatlif, the film maker, traveled with them for a whole year, giving us a chance to have an insight into their daily life as well as into a creation of the finest Gypsy musicians and dancers from India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain.

Get a taste of the film by watching this short clip.

You can also watch the whole film in parts on Dailymotion

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