Film tip 'Darwin's Nightmare'

The Lake Victoria in Tanzania is surrounded by a population living in poverty.

The Lake Victoria used to be abandoned with varieties of fish. But since the Nile perch, a predator fish, was introduced to the lake it wiped out the native species and the lake became a commercial fishing ground.

The film explores the various consequences of this fatal change: ecological, economical as well as political and social aspects are part of the plot. Tanzania does not only receive European aid but also deliveries of munitions and weapons from abroad. And planes are leaving Tanzania with Nile perch filets, ready for the European market.

The local people can't afford the fish anymore and are being left with carcasses of the gutted fish. The poor working and living conditions of the native population drag many of them to drugs and prostition.

A powerful watch which raises serious questions. The film won 10 Awards on international film festivals.

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