Film tip 'Cry of the Wild'

This documentary tries to capture the spirit of wilderness. For documentary maker Bill Mason, the big northern timber wolves and the pure-white Arctic wolves are the manifestation of the wild. Over three years he followed these fascinating animals, while being alone in the wild for long periods of time. The result is a close insight into the life of an animal with a highly developed social and family structure.

'Cry of the Wild' disproves the stigma of the bloodthirsty wolf. Even in the 1970s the wolves a threatened by hunters almost everywhere. Not suprisingly they are scared of human beings and run away whenever in sight. That fact makes it difficult to film them.

Bill Mason decides to relocate some wolves and let them live on his large property in Quebec. This gets the camera closer to the lives of the wolves. The outcome is beautiful, rare footage of their tribal customs of mating, birth and the raise of their pups.

Explore more the website of the National Filmboard of Canada, who hosts this documentary along with many others.

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