Film tip 'Earthlings'

This is probably the most comprehensive film about animal abuse. Earthlings makes the connection between all species on this planet, seeing them as one, as earthlings.

Earthlings gives insight into the daily reality of factory farms, slaughterhouses, pet stores, leather trade, research labs and more. The facts are shocking, a reality most of us avoid to look at.

This documentary takes an uncompromising look at the misery animals are facing on this planet. Human beings are exploiting animals on an unbelievably massive scale. It is sad and it is true.

The award-winning documentary is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and underlined with wonderful music by Moby.

Make the Connection.

For more info and to watch the whole film for free visit the official Earthlings website.

Want to change something? Please consider a vegetarian diet, or even better, a vegan diet. This is the most effective way to help animals, protect the environment and to take care of your own health. For more info check the Peta website.

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