Film tip 'Baraka'

This is not just a documentary, this is an outstanding piece of art. Although it never reached the popuIarity it deserves, it has a cult status among film enthusiasts, while often been compared to Koyaanisqatsi. In ancient Sufi language Baraka translates to 'the threat that weaves life together'. It is a homage to the planet and its various cultures.

The film sends us on a wonderful journey. The audience becomes the silent observer, travelling to 24 different countries. We are allowed to witness stunning lanscapes, architecture, human beings, animals and cultural ceremonies.

Baraka speaks only through the astonishing cinematoraphy, without any narration. It gives room for own thoughts and explanations. Sometimes it leaves us with questions, which we might be supposed to answer ourselves.

This documentary gives a deep insight into the planet and its cultures, from a crowded tube station of a modern metropolis to an ancient ritual tribal ritual. It is a universal perspective of the planet.

This film is absolutely beautiful, an experience you won't forget. Director Ron Fricke calls it 'a guided mediation on humanity'.

The whole film is in parts on youtube. Watch the first part here.

You can find out more about the film at the official Baraka website.

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