Film tip 'Microcosmos'

What if a grass string becomes the size of a 15 story tower? And a tree becomes the Mount Everest? You just may have found yourself seeing the world from another perspective. See the world with the eyes of an insect and a meadow can become your entire world.

Microcosmos gives us the chance to see this world. It is full of wonders. It is a great chance to get a closer relationship to these tiny beings which are most of the time unnoticed by us.

The film is companied with beautiful music compostions. The viewer is left without comment in the world of insects and other small animals.

You can witness ants pulling seemingly gigantic objects, the battle of bugs with huge claws or snails melting in romance. An interesting experience for all ages.

Apparently the film is online only in french available. But the film is almost without any narration, apart from a few sentences at the beginning.

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