Film tip 'The Cost of Oil: Voices from the Artic'

The astonishing landscape of the Alaskan North Slope set the scene for this real life drama: The consequences of oil drilling for a delicate Arctic ecosystem and its indigenous inhabitants.

The remote Beaufort and Chukchi seas are home to whales and many other sealife. It is also the source of life for the Inupiat society in Point Hope, who still try to live the traditional way. But the future of the region is uncertain. The fear of an oil spill is all too present, which would be absolutely devastating.

But the effects of oil drilling are already apparent. While the drilling for oil intends to create a more self-sustaining nation, it is potentially destroying a self-sustaining culture.

Members of the oil industry, expert biologists, environmentalists and native people are all given a voice to discover an answer: What are the true costs of oil drilling for this Artic land and culture?

An even more important film in times of recent expansions of oil drilling in the vulnerable Artic ecosystem.

Get some more background information at the filmmakers' website stonesoupfilms

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