Film tip 'Being Caribou'

In 2003 Leanne Allison and Karsten Heuer want to realize their vision. They set out to follow the annual migration of a 123.000 members caribou herd. Their trip leads them from the snowy mountain ranges in Alaska to the spring calving grounds in the United States. And after that, back again, just like the caribou.

The deer like animals are doing longer migrations each year than any other land animal. The couple followed the herd for 5 long months over a distance of 1500 km, an astonishing journey.

The aim of Allison and Heuer is to raise awareness of threats to the caribou's survival. At stake is the herd's delicate habitat, which is threatened by proposed petroleum and natural gas development in their calving grounds.

Watch the whole film here.

The couple did also other amazing trips. Find out more about them and their other journeys here.

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