Film tip 'The Story of the Weeping Camel'

This is a very special documentary, beautifully shot in the Mongolian Gobi Desert. Despite that all footage and content is authentic, it appears almost like a drama film. A brilliant piece of art.

The film captures the way of life of a nomadic shepherd family. Their calm, traditional way of life and their ancient rituals. But also the modern influences, which have reached the mongolian desert.

However this family seems to live like many generations before them. Camels are in the centre of their life and attention. The documentary shows the close relationship these people have to their animals. Indeed two camels are the main characters of this film and we get an astonishing insight into their emotions.

During spring the family assists the births of their camel herd. One of the camels gives birth to her first calf ever. The mother struggles. It is a long process, before she eventually gives birth to a rare white calf. Both are healthy, there is only one problem, the mother rejects to give milk and care to her calf after the painful birth. A real family drama of the animal kingdom unfolds.

Film available in parts on youtube. Watch the first part here.

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