Film tip 'Mine:Story of a Sacred Mountain'

The Dongria Kondh are a remote tribe living at the east of India by the Niyamgiri hills. The tribe lives a traditional way of life and worships a mountain as a god. But their future is uncertain.

Other tribes have already lost their villages as Vedanta Resources, a London-based mining company builds an aluminium factory in their valley. Now they prepare to build a vast open-cast mine which would destroy their forests and sacred mountain.

A beautiful and alarming film about the struggle of one of the most remote tribes in India.

The film was produced by Survival International

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  1. This story has a happy end. Vedanta Company didn't get a permission from India Goverment to start their plan! Dongria Kondh tribe managed to save the holy mountain and their own culture and spiritual heritage as well as their place to live!