Film tip 'Grizzly Man'

Can a human live among wild animals - predators?

Timothy Treadwell decided to give it a try and lived for 13 years on wild terrains in Alaska, observing, protecting and getting into face to face contact with grizzly bears. And he paid the highest price for that..
His aim was to stop poaching of grizzlies in Alaska and the Lower 48 States and to educate people about life of these amazing beings in their natural habitats.

He was also a photographer and filmmaker but the real documentary on his experience was created by someone else.

German visionary director Werner Herzog made a masterpiece out of Tim's raw video material, what in effect brought him an award on Sundance Film Festival.

The film is available in parts on youtube at following link

To see original video footages and to find out more check the website of the charity established by Tim and his ex girlfriend

Grizzly People

More about the film on Channel 4

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