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Uncovering the Living Earth....

Marija Gimbutas was a world wide notable archeologist, however most people never heard about her.
From her over 20 years-lasting archeological excavactions she created a vivid vision of Old Europe, a term she invented to describe the world of Neolithic communities. Basing on her researches, she reveals a picture of highly developed social and spiritual formations of tribes, living more than 5000 years ago.

Although her conclusions were critisised and considered as controversial, many acknowledged her work as an archeological breakthrough. Gimbutas brought the forgotten and ignorated spirit of our ancestors back to life. She described the complex psychological and spiritual structure, and the deep connection with nature.

"Signs out of time" tells the story of the unseen history of Europe.

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Website with informations about Marija Gimbuta and the film

Marija Gimbutas

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