Film Tip - ''Last Yoik in Saami Forest''

The drama of cutting down ancient forests is not only an Amazonian or African issue.

The Saami tribe are the indigenous people of Lapland, in Northern Finland. They are facing logging companies destroying their "sacred" trees and the habitats of thousands of reindeers.
Many of the trees are more than 500 years old. They end up as pulp for paper production or railway ties.
The community can't continue their old tradition of reindeer herding and their peaceful way of life.
The longlasting conflict between the indigenous people, logging companies and the government continues even after Greenpeace set up a Forest Rescue Station in area of Inari.The local reindeer herders complained to the UN Human rights commission with result of apeal to Finish government to stop this procedure in some of the disputed areas.

Yoik is a traditional and beautiful way of singing of the Saami people. Will this tradition last with all others which belong to this tribe? Will the reindeers and one of the most old forests of northen pines in the world be saved?

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